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1. According to Declaration of Geneva which was adopted by the General Assembly of the World Medical Association in 1948, Medical Doctors agreed: “As member of the medical profession I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat”.
2. The right to suicide has been established through a case law in the European Court of Human Rights: “The Court considers that an individual’s right to decide by what means and at what point his or her life will end, provided he or she is capable of freely reaching a decision on this question and acting in consequence, is one of the aspects of the right to respect for private life within the meaning of Article 8 of the Convention”. (Haas vs Switzerland, paragraph 51)
HAAS v. SWITZERLAND [2011] ECHR 2422 (20 January 2011)
3.Therefore, if you are able to prove consciously that the decision to commit suicide is based on a rational decision, you automatically qualify for this provision, and any doctor or organisation that deprives you of liberty, violates human rights, and you are able to report them to the medical council or health ministry.
-The rational suicide criteria, according to Siegel (1986):
[(1) the individual possesses a realistic assessment of his (or her) situation, (2) the mental processes leading to his (or her) decision to commit suicide are unimpaired by psychological illness or severe emotional distress, and (3) the motivational basis of his (or her) decision would be understandable to the majority of uninvolved observers from his (or her) community or social group] (p. 407).

For example, if you wish to commit suicide due to your antinatalist, nihilistic, atheistic, promortalist and libertarian beliefs, or justify your decision in a clear manner, you can use these to defend your human rights.
4. The main problem is that mental illness is unfalsifiable, so if your doctor accuses you of being “depressed”, because you are suicidal, there is no blood test or brain scan to prove that you are not depressed. That’s why, it is so hard to defend your position.

6. Always ask how you can appeal your involuntary hospitalization order, and threaten psychiatrists with legal action especially if they persist in force-drugging you. They cannot keep you forever. Making reports to Medical Council or health ministry is totally free in most cases, and enough to deter any psychiatrist with coerced treatment.
7. Read this presentation by Dignitas, an assisted suicide organization:

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