nembutal scam


Operation Stop Nembutal Scam

For quite some time now . over the past decade .Nembutal scam . Fake Nembutal Vendors have ripped off and deceived elderly people . Also patients who are seriously ill . They will take your money . With the promise of ‘high quality Nembutal . (Pentobarbital Sodium ) online .

99.99999% of these Nembutal websites online are Ripoffs !!

To help put an end to this ‘ongoing scams ’. Exit International will launch a new Campaign . Stop Scams website where you can report a scam . Nembutal Website and check a scam.

This is Exit’s small contribution to keeping everyone safe online. was created for this purpose by Exit International . It is strictly operated by Exit International.

The aim of the website . help prevent further patients and elderly people from falling victims . to an online Nembutal scam.

The idea is to create an online ‘environment kind of Watch Guard’ . where everyone has your back and vice versa .

The reality is that no matter how professional a site might look . most of them are still Nembutal scam websites . The notion that terminally ill patients are desperate to order Nembutal makes , this con scammers , increase in numbers daily . Always be careful when placing an order online , and also make sure , you do some background checks on each website . 

The task for those who have been scammed . is to report the website so that others can be warned and avoid being ripped off.

Furthermore , Dr Nitschke Phillip also stressed on the fact that . buying Nembutal online . should always be done through a physician . A doctor or nurse willing to go or walk the patient through . the Nembutal order process , as well as administration process .

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