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Right to die ” It should be a fundamental human right to decide the quality of life a person wants . Says Voluntary Euthanasia advocate Dr Marc van Hoey

After the recent changes in Euthanasia laws of Belgium , there been a rapid increase in the number of patients requesting Voluntary Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide .

Dr Marc , founder of the Belgian association of Assisted Death medical practioners , has constantly been on TV and radio interviews regarding this while encouraging all Belgians to especially aged citizens to support the movement .

Marc van Hoey who admited sometime in 2018 to have assisted over 180 patients end their suffering by giving them a peceful exit or painless death also in some interviews explains a detailled procedure on everything .

In a recent interview with Dr Marc Van Hoey, he tells me about the death of one of his patients after she suffered a stroke.

‘She was a good friend as well as a patient whom I had known more than 15 years,’ he says. ‘She was a beautiful old ladyand had always supported the right to die movements . The day of her death, she did her hair at the hairdressers, put on her make-up and drank champagne with us – then we gave her the injection and she died.’

It took les than 5 minites after we gave her a shot of Pentobarbital Sodium (Nembutal ) .A lethal medication which if administered correctly , leaves the patient dead in less than 5 minutes .

Van Hoey talks about another friend, riddled with pancreatic cancer, whom he despatched with another strong dose of barbiturates. ‘He was really suffering badly.

Dr marc has always kept a good record of all patients who he has aassisted their suicide . His conditions for euthanasia are so simple . According to him, in order for him to be free of all legal charges , all he needed from a patient would be a piece of paper containing the Patient’s name and a handwritten note ” i want to have assisted suicide ” and signature as well .

All these records are always kept by him for security reasons .

Sometimes families of the deceased would always press charges against him but the police always found not enough evidence to charge him . He proudly accepts to have assisted over 180 cases before 2018 .

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