Voluntary Euthanasia Advocate Dr Philip gets his Raid items returned

Voluntary Euthanasia

The act of taking one’s life according to their will after terminal illness or during a terminal disease condition . Most patients prefer to die with dignity , and get a peaceful death rather than suffer prolonged health conditions making them endure pains , which never tend to end ,

A lot of countries worldwide still condemn this act of voluntary euthanasia ,making it punishable by their laws .

Dr Philip Nitschke , an Australian medical doctor and an advocate for voluntary suicide , started the Exit International movement , which plays an important role in granting access or authority to patients after assessment , if found to have a terminal condition with less than 6 months , can decide to take their own lives .

Back in July 2014 , after the death of Max Bromson, 67 a terminal cancer patient , Dr Philip was visited by the Euthanasia police back then in his Australian residence with an interrogation regarding this death. Seizing a lot of his personal belongings till August 2019 when these items have been handed over to him .

Dr Nitschke said he asked police to destroy vials of a white powder taken in the raid because he had no idea what they were.

‘Everyone has been very considerate but for five years they have had my stuff when it was clear there was not going to be criminal charges laid’ said Dr Nitschke who moved to Amsterdam in 2015.

‘And that is what’s made me more annoyed. It has been very disruptive. It has been so long my phone is now really out of date’.

Dr Fiona Stewart , wife of Dr Philip also confessed to be so angry at such acts by the police after having 17 officers search their house with little of no evidence of any traits of her husband being guilty of the accusations .

The said Max Bromson,who took a lethal dosage of Nembutal (Pentobarbital sodium ) which was later found out from his text messages and calls he had ordered from an online vendor Dr Hardy Jezse ,who shipped the medication to him discreetly . At moment , the police is still in search of Dr Jezse who is totally untraceable , but continuous to supply the pentobarbital sodium medication on the low to terminal patients in need .

The police with very insensible defense claimed their investigations were still going on and that is why the took so long to return the items even after finding out Dr Philip and wife we all innocent .

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  1. Christina della Valle

    I should have the right to end my life when i decide the moment has come. At 79 i want to die with dignity while i am still of sound mind. That could be in 6 months or 10 years

    1. wayneboyd112

      Yes Christina , and this is why we keep on fighting to get voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide legalized everywhere .

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