Right to Die with Dignity ” Spain’s Debate

If I see my family suffer, I want the right to die with dignity ‘

Right to die with dignity candidate , Lola Dorado only walks using a walking frame .Also he has physical limitations and needs a respirator to survive .

Despite all her limitations , she still can talk . Thus she considers herself very lucky . Even though she still wants her Right to die when the time comes . Also she talked about Dr. Philip’s Euthanasia medication Pentobarbital Sodium (Nembutal Online )

right to die with dignity

Her motor neuron disease ,has been evolving very slowly, thus she has that privilege as she calls it .A degenerative illness that causes the paralysis of the muscles in the body. Just about 10% of patients having this condition actually live more than 10 years .Thus the right to die is very essential for such patients

Despite the huge impact of the diagnosis, Lola tries to live a happy life everyday . “Lots of people in my condition can’t talk , hug or laugh ,” she told Euronews. She can still do all these things, but she is clear: “Right now I have a quality of life, since I still can move and do certain body parts , but when i can’t move again more than my eyes , don’t think i will like living . Thus I need to have my right to die . I will want a situation where I have my peaceful pill Medication available to me when need arises

She has the privilege, as she calls it, of having a relatively slow evolution of motor neurone disease, a degenerative illness that causes the paralysis of the muscles in the body. Only 10% of patients have this atypical variation that extends life expectancy up to ten years .

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